they pulled the trigger!

This assignment was from a website called Frequency2156 where you are tasked to create a an apocalypse message from the year 2156. Since this class is based around the 80’s I made it a nuclear apocalypse, because everyone in the 80’s were definitely slight worried about nuclear death. The only problem I ran across was that the website might not be compatible with my computer. I spent about 30 minutes waiting for the message to send. for the sake of time I just decided to screenshot everything and put it in here.

I put the location for this assignment in my dads hometown, and the store that I am referencing in the audio is what my dad described as “Walmart before there was such a thing.”

Radio show ideas

There aren’t a lot of topics that come to mind when it comes to the 80’s. Out of the past 5 or so decades I can’t really come up with much but for my grades sake I came up with a few Ideas.


  • Each show we review a slasher film, or two depending on how much time there is
  • Don’t know how many episodes we have to record, but there are plenty of films to review.
  • I think for this idea I would like to review lesser known slasher films

Eighties Fad review

  • For this one we will look at different health trends or workouts that ended up being useless.

There’s definitely more up there in me old head, but those two were the first to come to mind, i’ll probably think of something else in the shower or somewhere strange.

Wait a minute, Doc, are you trying to tell me that my mother has got the hots for me?

This assignment I tried to make an old beat up car sound like it can cross through multidimensional worm holes. The sound I made still sounds a little bit like a car starting, but I tried to give it as much of a metallic feeling. When the song fades out it sort of reminds me of my leg after it falls asleep. The small glittery sounds are like the needles in your leg once all the blood comes rushing back. I’m still using soundtrap for all this and it’s starting to take a toll on me. I am close to a point where I might not be able to do much unless I pay 4 separate installments of $9.99. Ok that isn’t how you pay for it, but I did come across some roadblocks for the free version.

One small step for kind man

The what if scenario of a failed moon landing is the topic of this audio tale. A theme I noticed that was touched on by Jad Abumrad’s radio segment was the creation of a dreamlike state. From “Moon Landing” the background sound really helped along the idea that this wasn’t happening. And although this fictional situation did happen the exaggerated footsteps and gas exhausts give it purgatory feel. The background music was very period centric in my opinion. A lot of 70’s era television used long held synth cords when going through dark places or in this case on the moon. The music also seems to be an indicator in their different stages of realization for Buzz and Neil. Every switch in music aligns with them realizing the ship is beyond repair, the radio is broken, they only have a few hours to live, does god really exist, ETC. Overall I think this story and others like it are absorbing, I could lose a few hours listening to different shows like this.

Ronald Reagan endorses crime in front of a televised audience!

Assignments like this are some of my favorite pass times when I’m bored or when I see something that I can misconstrue in a funny way. This product was around a minute long, but unfortunately I had to go to sleep at some point so I stopped for the evening. When I logged back in half the audio wasn’t playing so I spent a couple more hours adjusting the clip to being 30 seconds or so.

The audio from this was taken from an Reagan’s famous “evil empire” speech about the Soviet Union.

Post-war treasure hunt gone wrong!

This radio broadcast was pretty interesting. The era of film the Anthropocene broadcast focused on post-war action/treasure movies. It’s strange to see the transition of this genre evolve into a cold war race. The movies seemed to move away from gold and diamonds to uranium. From that point movies had an “ulterior motive” esc’ tone from the audio. It was interesting to see they included coral reefs as a focal point for one of the films. Coral bleaching to me seems like a generally recent concern, but clearly I was wrong because there were movies in the 50’s pointing out the concerns of coral disappearing.

Hate this sound

This assignment tasks the you with making a story of sounds that lasts for 90 seconds. While this isn’t on topic per say, it’s definitely happened to college students in the 80’s. The past week my hall had 3 fire alarms. Of the three, two of them we failed, and one was a real fire alarm situation. Don’t worry the actual fire was really a microwave fire, because the only time use the microwave incorrectly is at 4AM.

I created this audio with some sort of off brand Audacity called Soundtrap since I cannot download Audacity on my Chromebook. Since this is some free website there were so many bugs and general inconsistencies within the app. I originally mixed the story with 10 different sounds, but for some reason the download from the website just cut out random parts of audio at random points. I thought it was overlapping bits of audio that created the silence so I deleted 2 of the sounds. After nothing changed I thought to myself it was the fact I had 10 different columns with sounds and there might be a limit to how many columns you can use on the free version. That wasn’t it either so my last resort was to just screen record the page, upload it to YouTube, and download the mp3 of my video from YouTube.

And that is finally what it came down to……………..

You wanna waste my time? Okay.

For this visual assignment I had to take an iconic photo from the 80’s and replace it with what I thought it should be. There are few movies more iconic than Scarface. The main character Tony Montana is played by Al Pacino who is a Cuban immigrant. It doesn’t take a language expert to understand that Al Pacino’s Cuban accent is one of the worst movie accents of all time. Maybe that is just my opinion, but there are others who share my opinion.

What his accent sounded like to me was similar to an Adam Sandler accent. If we were going strictly by accents and not acting I bet Adam Sandler could have been a kick ass Tony Montana