E.T. the Exterminator Terrestrial

This assignment requires you to make a spy movie trailer, and I decided to make E.T. the main character. When I first started editing the E.T. clips I was trying to set up the family as murders and ET as the spy. Once I started piecing everything together I noticed it was looking less like a spy movie and more like a horror movie. At that point I just said screw it and I added all the other sound effects that go along with scary trailers like these. Since its Halloween today I thought it would be fitting to switch the assignment up a little bit.

Old man take a look at my life.

In the small town of Buxton Mr. Roberts sat out on his porch staring out into the sound thinking about the lives that passed him by. At the ripe age of 109 Gregor Roberts still makes the trip out every morning to catch for himself. For 68 years Roberts worked for a fishing charter in the small Outer Banks town of Buxton. Every morning at 5 Robert would sail out to the gulf stream which was fulll of mahi mahi, tuna, spotted bass, red drum, you name it he’s caught in. In his retirement he left the ocean side for opposite side of the Island. There he spends his days fishing sound side, simply because that’s all he’s ever known. People would come and go, but his delight for fishing never ran dry. It’s hard being the oldest living person in the town knowing that your friends in life all passed. His grandchildren and great grandchildren all have lives of their own far away from their salty roots. The final consistency that Gregor never misses is the sun rising and setting. Every morning and every evening Gregor peers onto Pamlico sound just to be greeted by the sun. Gregor understands that one day the sun will set for him and because of that he cherishes every coming day as if it were his first


3 daily creates

Mr. Mercury

I reworked this assignment to actually be a 3d anaglyth rather than a sort of red/cyan tone. I also added a few other generations of posters just messing around with what I could do and I accidentally created what looks like a skull in the place of Freddie Mercury’s head. It looks interesting and it also speaks to his untimely passing.

Project ideas

There are numerous ways to convey a story to someone, but a few create more meaning for me.

Music for me is a constructive way in telling a story. The majority of lyrical music produced through history has an ulterior meaning to the artist whether it’s clear in the song or not. Sometimes a story can be conveyed in a whole song or maybe a single line. An artist can pour their heart out onto a track, or open the conversation about their lives in any amount of words. Subconsciously I create meaning in every song I listen to and because it I get a better understanding of what that artist goes through or maybe how the narrative they lived by was misconstrued from previous opinions. I’m not a musician or anything so i’m not going to create a song, and especially not an 80’s themed one.

Another way stories stick with me is through pictures and videos. Besides your imagination the only thing you have to go off someones story is what they said and that could go the wrong way. A life story that is accompanied with pictures and videos that supplement their life gives it a personal attachment to the story.

Fumigator to mass murderer

This assignment is a rework of a previous post that tasked you to take a picture of something that doesn’t seem right. The catch was it had so be blurry or unrecognizable that it could be anywhere between the paranormal and completely normal.

This is the original picture from the post. This is my friend Richie standing in the window of a house we spent a few hours trying to get rid of the mold inside it. Since the class is 80’s themed I found this picture and thought he looked straight out a slasher film. I believe at the time he was standing there for a few solid minutes looking murderous. At the time it was hilarious, but passers by might have thought otherwise.

For this picture I cropped the house and superimposed it onto a creepyforest.jpg type picture. And just to round it off I threw some blood splatter and a machete on him. The overlay for the machete is still difficult at this point because I haven’t found out how to make it look like hes actually holding the thing. When I read the assignment post for this week I knew I had to do something to this picture. It deserved a gloomier setting since I compared it to such a gloomy movie.

Radio show!

This week we finally comprised all of our work together to finish the radio show. Because of the run time every show is allowed I didn’t really have as much to say compared to if I wrote an essay on it. Of course I preferred to talk instead of write, but five minutes isn’t enough to say something truly profound about the TV show ALF. As a kid I was mortified by ALF mostly because I was too young to understand what was going on and because the puppetry was so well done that he looked real. Seeing that 2 foot tall furry creature run across the house was mortifying. From ALF’s actions and phrases his human form could very well be a construction worker from New England.

My Progress

This week I haven’t really got the ball rolling on how I am going to approach the analysis of my show. I think more deliberation with our group would be useful. I think meeting up might be out of the question because two of the members of our group are in Greece this semester. This weekend I am going to brush up on ALF so I can make a better radio show out of it. I used to have this ALF toy as a child, but it was one of the dolls I would never touch it just sat there in a small rocking chair looking into my soul. The show only had 4 seasons and for good reason, but I hope ALF doesn’t become one of those tv shows that falls out of public knowledge. I guess that is an aim for the radio show analysis. I think I might make a different bumper for the radio show mine seems a little broad.