Alternate universe, rock on!

For this assignment I was tasked with placing myself in an alternate universe. Since this class is based around the 80’s I decided to Photoshop myself into a rock band.

This steely group of individuals go by the band name LazyBonez. They aren’t an 80’s rock band, but rather an 80’s tribute band. This picture had someone in it who was close enough to the pose of me wearing a sombrero, so that is why I decided to use it. I don’t know why I used this picture it just happened to be the most obscure picture I saw when I was looking back in my recent photos.

You wanna waste my time? Okay.

For this visual assignment I had to take an iconic photo from the 80’s and replace it with what I thought it should be. There are few movies more iconic than Scarface. The main character Tony Montana is played by Al Pacino who is a Cuban immigrant. It doesn’t take a language expert to understand that Al Pacino’s Cuban accent is one of the worst movie accents of all time. Maybe that is just my opinion, but there are others who share my opinion.

What his accent sounded like to me was similar to an Adam Sandler accent. If we were going strictly by accents and not acting I bet Adam Sandler could have been a kick ass Tony Montana