Mega doom

This mashup I merged the first Doom game and Mega Man into one cover. These are two games that were before my time and probably past my time since i’m not compelled to go back and play them. There are newer versions of these games formatted to today’s algorithm for gaming. Even with that I don’t think i’ll ever get around to playing a Mega Man game because the side scroller/platform games aren’t my thing. The new Doom games on the other hand look interesting, and I enjoy the world that was created around the game.

Evolution of MTV

MTV was a groundbreaking change in the consumption of music. The switch from radio to television was a huge leap for music in general giving meaning to the song “Video killed the radio star” by the Buggles. The first broadcast was on August 1, 1981 and from there they never looked back. An even bigger contribution to music culture was the MTV awards. The first award show was broadcast September 14, 1984. In 2019 the award show ringed in nearly 2 million viewers, which is historically low, but that could be due to what is killing Tv, the internet.

Steven Tyler gets booed off the stage

Music videos, movie scenes, or anything that needs an audio supplement is hilarious without it. This assignment tasks you with taking the music out of the music video. Of course there shouldn’t just be an empty audio file so I just threw in a bunch of free random sounds (excluding the Michael Jackson grunt noises) along with random bits of silence. These projects take some time to make, but in the end they are worth it.

E.T. the Exterminator Terrestrial

This assignment requires you to make a spy movie trailer, and I decided to make E.T. the main character. When I first started editing the E.T. clips I was trying to set up the family as murders and ET as the spy. Once I started piecing everything together I noticed it was looking less like a spy movie and more like a horror movie. At that point I just said screw it and I added all the other sound effects that go along with scary trailers like these. Since its Halloween today I thought it would be fitting to switch the assignment up a little bit.

Hate this sound

This assignment tasks the you with making a story of sounds that lasts for 90 seconds. While this isn’t on topic per say, it’s definitely happened to college students in the 80’s. The past week my hall had 3 fire alarms. Of the three, two of them we failed, and one was a real fire alarm situation. Don’t worry the actual fire was really a microwave fire, because the only time use the microwave incorrectly is at 4AM.

I created this audio with some sort of off brand Audacity called Soundtrap since I cannot download Audacity on my Chromebook. Since this is some free website there were so many bugs and general inconsistencies within the app. I originally mixed the story with 10 different sounds, but for some reason the download from the website just cut out random parts of audio at random points. I thought it was overlapping bits of audio that created the silence so I deleted 2 of the sounds. After nothing changed I thought to myself it was the fact I had 10 different columns with sounds and there might be a limit to how many columns you can use on the free version. That wasn’t it either so my last resort was to just screen record the page, upload it to YouTube, and download the mp3 of my video from YouTube.

And that is finally what it came down to……………..