One small step for kind man

The what if scenario of a failed moon landing is the topic of this audio tale. A theme I noticed that was touched on by Jad Abumrad’s radio segment was the creation of a dreamlike state. From “Moon Landing” the background sound really helped along the idea that this wasn’t happening. And although this fictional situation did happen the exaggerated footsteps and gas exhausts give it purgatory feel. The background music was very period centric in my opinion. A lot of 70’s era television used long held synth cords when going through dark places or in this case on the moon. The music also seems to be an indicator in their different stages of realization for Buzz and Neil. Every switch in music aligns with them realizing the ship is beyond repair, the radio is broken, they only have a few hours to live, does god really exist, ETC. Overall I think this story and others like it are absorbing, I could lose a few hours listening to different shows like this.