This assignment is based on creating a vintage design to a prominent place in your hometown. This picture isn’t from my hometown, but I did spend a few months in this area and I would really like to go back some day. The picture is gazing onto a tall rock that outlooks Tenkiller Lake in Park Hill, Oklahoma. This lake was created by the Army core of engineers back in the late 40’s to control flooding in the area. The name came from a prominent Cherokee family that lived in the capital and operated a ferry service. This isn’t really based around the 80’s, but the 80’s were prosperous times for the Cherokee nation. Wilma Mankiller was the first woman elected to be chief of the Cherokee nation, the nation also implemented their 1st constitution a few years prior.

Destination post card

This assignment I had to create a destination post card for a location that had some significance in the 80’s. The example from the assignment page was a post card from Beirut, Lebanon which got me thinking about the countless armed entanglements the United States wound up in. The Lebanese conflict was one of the dozens of “aid” missions the US embarked on during this time period. The picture from this postcard is from the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp massacre where hundreds of refugees were slaughtered by both Israeli and Lebanese insurgents.

Alternate universe, rock on!

For this assignment I was tasked with placing myself in an alternate universe. Since this class is based around the 80’s I decided to Photoshop myself into a rock band.

This steely group of individuals go by the band name LazyBonez. They aren’t an 80’s rock band, but rather an 80’s tribute band. This picture had someone in it who was close enough to the pose of me wearing a sombrero, so that is why I decided to use it. I don’t know why I used this picture it just happened to be the most obscure picture I saw when I was looking back in my recent photos.

The Thing from Elm street on a Friday

Favorite Movie Quote

In my opinion the 80’s produced some of the best horror movies of all time. Most of the movies i’m fond of from this era are those films where you have to think about what you just watched for about twenty minutes after. The 80’s pioneered a new wave set and costume design, while screenwriters produced ideas for some of these films that came straight from nightmares. Movies like: Pumpkin Head, The Fly, and Alien all have main protagonists who are some of the ugliest creatures on film. While movies like Hellraiser The Shining, or The Thing have story-lines make you feel like it was going to happen to you next. Hellraiser is one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever watched how did Clive Barker think of all this.

What the 80’s movie collective is known for is the slasher films. Friday the 13, Nightmare on Elm Street, the Chuckie franchise and others were wildly successful into the future from their original releases. Out of the slasher films I’ve sat through I think the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is my favorite. While it is scary and suspenseful throughout the movie there are some moments of almost out of place humor.

The quote I decided on for this post isn’t one of some significance to the movie, but I chose it just because of how stereo-typically 80’s it is. This is the scene where Nancy first encounters Freddy after hearing his voice a few sleeps prior. Towards the beginning of the scene Nancy goes down to the boiler room which happens to not exist under a school, but rather another place in the movie that Freddy chases everyone into in their dreams. The quote comes towards the end of the scene where Nancy is backed up into a corner with Freddy closing in. Moments before Nancy wakes up, Freddy is mere feet away from Nancy and says “come to Freddy” followed by a “GODDAMN YOUUUU” screamed out by Nancy. The part that gets me is that they immediately pan over to Freddy and he is just flicking his tongue back and forth. The directors thought it was a good idea to pair laser beam sound effects with the flicking of his tongue.

I created the gif from this clip so if you want to hear it for yourself its from 3:10-3:15