Mr. Mercury

I reworked this assignment to actually be a 3d anaglyth rather than a sort of red/cyan tone. I also added a few other generations of posters just messing around with what I could do and I accidentally created what looks like a skull in the place of Freddie Mercury’s head. It looks interesting and it also speaks to his untimely passing.

Fumigator to mass murderer

This assignment is a rework of a previous post that tasked you to take a picture of something that doesn’t seem right. The catch was it had so be blurry or unrecognizable that it could be anywhere between the paranormal and completely normal.

This is the original picture from the post. This is my friend Richie standing in the window of a house we spent a few hours trying to get rid of the mold inside it. Since the class is 80’s themed I found this picture and thought he looked straight out a slasher film. I believe at the time he was standing there for a few solid minutes looking murderous. At the time it was hilarious, but passers by might have thought otherwise.

For this picture I cropped the house and superimposed it onto a creepyforest.jpg type picture. And just to round it off I threw some blood splatter and a machete on him. The overlay for the machete is still difficult at this point because I haven’t found out how to make it look like hes actually holding the thing. When I read the assignment post for this week I knew I had to do something to this picture. It deserved a gloomier setting since I compared it to such a gloomy movie.