Mega doom

This mashup I merged the first Doom game and Mega Man into one cover. These are two games that were before my time and probably past my time since i’m not compelled to go back and play them. There are newer versions of these games formatted to today’s algorithm for gaming. Even with that I don’t think i’ll ever get around to playing a Mega Man game because the side scroller/platform games aren’t my thing. The new Doom games on the other hand look interesting, and I enjoy the world that was created around the game.

You make me feel like ice

This mashup is all about taking music and merging it with another song plus the video. Today I was talking with my friend about how Vanilla Ice decided to do a tv show about being Amish and it somehow lasted for a season and a half. Thankfully ice ice baby, his only hit, came in the last moments of the decade. From there I decided to look at songs that had similar measures or beats per minute. From there I had a few options, but Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” in the end. The music video itself had this minute long intro that I couldn’t resist switching with Vanilla Ice ad-libs. In the end the music didn’t really sound as smooth as I hoped it would, but it almost closely matches the beat when he comes in.