I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer of any sorts, but I do take a few pictures from time to time. October 2017 to July 2018 I traveled around the southwest US as a part of this government program called Americorps NCCC. There I saw something new and exciting every day and while I was taking it all in I took pictures from time to time. At the start of summer 2018 I lived in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and after I got there I realized how much interest I took in photography. The only reason is because I lost my phone tubing in the desert in Arizona of all places. all of our phones were on another tube being protected by someone who has never gone tubing, and didn’t want to go tubing at all. Once we hit some rapids everything flipped and there goes all of our belongings (almost all our stuff.)

A river in Arizona of all places

My phone at that time didn’t back up all my images from months before I even left for the program. Besides some photos I saved elsewhere, I ended up with nothing. Whenever I talk about the places I went people always ask to see what I did. While I do still have a ton of pictures, the majority of my personal images are gone.

Today I don’t set out to take captivating pictures because a lot of my surroundings are so familiar to me that it seems unnecessary at some points. On the flip side, there is more to appreciate within everyday life that someone, like myself, doesn’t attempt to capture. That concept in itself is a major part of photography in my mind because the mundane to me could be striking to another.

For this assignment we are given a guide as to how to capture the perfect photo. For me I believe a lot of whats provided is intuitive, while at the same time useful. Situations where the photographer exposes the aesthetics or calculates the foreground might be for a location of great photo-graphical significance. At the same time I believe some of the best photos are taken in random situations where there might be no time to calculate the backdrop. In the end it might not be the best photo, but what value it brings might be the difference between some old picture and Pulitzer price winner.