Project ideas

There are numerous ways to convey a story to someone, but a few create more meaning for me.

Music for me is a constructive way in telling a story. The majority of lyrical music produced through history has an ulterior meaning to the artist whether it’s clear in the song or not. Sometimes a story can be conveyed in a whole song or maybe a single line. An artist can pour their heart out onto a track, or open the conversation about their lives in any amount of words. Subconsciously I create meaning in every song I listen to and because it I get a better understanding of what that artist goes through or maybe how the narrative they lived by was misconstrued from previous opinions. I’m not a musician or anything so i’m not going to create a song, and especially not an 80’s themed one.

Another way stories stick with me is through pictures and videos. Besides your imagination the only thing you have to go off someones story is what they said and that could go the wrong way. A life story that is accompanied with pictures and videos that supplement their life gives it a personal attachment to the story.