Bird Magic

For the Forrest Gump project, I superimposed my face over a Philadelphia . The 1983 finals ended in a 4 game blowout where the Los Angeles Lakers had no chance. The significance of this series isn’t too important to the game of basketball, the events that followed altered the course of NBA history. For the rest of the decade the NBA finals always included The Boston Celtics with Larry Bird, or the Los Angeles Lakers with Magic Johnson. The Larry Bird and Magic Johnson era serves as a cornerstone to the evolution of how the game is played. Without this fierce rivalry the league might have lagged behind other sports, thus we might not have superstars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James.

This is really my first time messing around with some type of photo editing software, but after I while I’ll be able to make sure my neck doesn’t come out with two different colors.