Another day

Nothing to me is more relaxing than observing some of natures gifts to the world. As a child me and my neighborhood friends used to film almost everything around us. At that time I had no appreciation of the outside world that surrounded me and because this a lot of what brought me warm memories, is now receding. I can attest this to many factors one possibly being global warming while the other being I lost value in what I saw. Looking back at those videos we filmed summer after summer, left me puzzled as to how I managed to let everything slip away.

The street I grew up on had an almost perfect mixture of city life and nature. During the height of the summer towering trees would canopy over the entrance of one side of the street so the searing pavement was nothing to worry about on our bare feet. Within a big plot of land there was a mini forest which we dubbed the “black forest” during the dormant months. On the right side of the forest there was a hilly field center pieced with a withering stump. That side of the street wasn’t as built up compared to the other half and because this we basically did whatever we wanted. That forest was a place we would all gather and play little games here and there. The other side of the street was where me and all my childhood friends lived, which wasn’t any less green than the latter, but our time here was usually where we split as a group. The boys of the neighborhood would go play football, while the girls would go on their own and do whatever they did when we weren’t all together.

I would consider the people who grew up on the same street some of my closest friends. In retrospect we might not have even become close in the first place without our streets. On our side of the street we might have stayed divided, possibly only talking in our public school situation. The forested area provided a place where we all enjoyed the company of one another and found common ground. Just how nature shapes the world around us holistically, the small plot of woodland we played in shaped how I go about my life to this day.

Unfortunately as I’m writing this more of that area is being bulldozed to accommodate a massive gravel driveway that cuts through my street to the one above it where all the rich people happen to live. A family that moved in the neighborhood later leveled the whole field area for nothing in the end, only to leave piles of dirt. I don’t know what the forest will look like when I return home next, but I do appreciate all the times my tiny plot of nature gave me.

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