Final project sneak peak!

Something that’s peaked my interest for a while is how the cycle of music affected the American landscape. I don’t think there is a better time to catalog those changes than the 80’s. The beginning of the decade saw disco fade out of existence, and genres like new wave or synth pop take it’s place. Hard rock, heavy metal, alternative, R&B, and even hip hop all saw a tremendous come up in the 80’s

This project goes through every form of media that we discussed through this course.


  • Video will be one of the easiest categories of media to display because I can create a timeline for the progression of music and the people that created it.
  • Another example could show the evolution of performance by artists in the 80’s
  • Sections of interviews from certain groups or artists will be key for this project to get an understanding of what the artist is putting out and how they believe it influences their listeners.


  • Since there are so many variations of sound explored in this era, I can track their progression to their most matured point at the end of the decade.
  • I can use different songs or instrumentals to gain insight on what influences gave the artist their inspirations to create.
  • A problem with this might come from copyright infringement, which I haven’t experienced with some of the clips I’ve posted on YouTube, if it becomes a problem i’ll be able to work around it.


  • Everything from the hair to the shoes is what I am looking to understand when I catalog the 80’s. The 80’s are known for the big hair, neon jackets, ascots, anything and everything will be pertinent to understanding how music influenced the people.


  • Certainly this makes some overlap with visual, but for this I get a different part of assignment that is up to me and not already out in the world. With this part of the project I might add different layers of design projects to make the overall product more official, if that is the word I am looking for.

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  1. There are a lot of ideas here. It may be a challenge to get a coherent story out of the whole swath of 80s music. Picking an aspect or genre to focus on might be a good strategy. Google Drive might work as a backup for Youtube and Soundcloud if copyright becomes a problem.

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