Forward momentum

For the majority of my posts I like to hover around that 80’s theme. For this assignment I thought to share this story because it is hilarious. Towards the end of 6th grade my parents finally felt comfortable leaving me around the house when they had other matters to attend to. This mostly meant watching my younger sister, but this time they left me alone in the house the entire day. Immediately when my parents left I called over so of my friends to come over, which was perfectly fine until an hour or so later. Me and my friends at the time weren’t doing anything in particular we were probably just playing video games or something like that.

A little bit after 2pm I heard a knock at the door which I ignored at first because I was a 6th grader and didn’t have any responsibilities to whatever was outside. Shortly after the person knocked on the door for maybe a minute straight. At that point I figured out it was my friends little brother looking for him, because no one else knocks consistently like that on my door. I would have answered it earlier, but I wanted to make sure that my friends weren’t breaking anything or eating all my food. Once I squared that away the first thing I thought was to run to the door so I could make the knocking stop sooner. As I’m running to my door I trip on a box, slide on a small rug in front of the door, then finally my arm went through the window pane near the door. The first thing I see my friends 6 year old redhead brother covered in my blood standing on my porch, he immediately ran home crying. At that point my first thought was “wow I cut this poor kids nose with the glass I shattered I hope he’s ok.” As I thought that I pulled my arm out of the window, and their was a gaping gash in my left arm. For some reason my first instinct was to take a lap around my whole house screaming and waving my arms around. During my lap all my friends saw that I was spewing out my arm and they also ran away from my house screaming (great friends.) After that I came to my sense (kinda) and wrapped my wound up with a bunch of paper towels and a normal towel. After everyone left me I went and sat on my neighbors driveway just rocking back and forth. Thankfully luck was on my side and my other neighbor just happened to pull up and saw that I was bleeding through both the towel and the paper towels, so to the hospital I went. Before I left I called my mom and told her that I was bleeding really badly, and the first thing she said was “it will be fine I’m getting so food for your sister.” The hospital at the time was a block and a half away so it was no time before the doctors got me stitched up.

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