Hate this sound

This assignment tasks the you with making a story of sounds that lasts for 90 seconds. While this isn’t on topic per say, it’s definitely happened to college students in the 80’s. The past week my hall had 3 fire alarms. Of the three, two of them we failed, and one was a real fire alarm situation. Don’t worry the actual fire was really a microwave fire, because the only time use the microwave incorrectly is at 4AM.

I created this audio with some sort of off brand Audacity called Soundtrap since I cannot download Audacity on my Chromebook. Since this is some free website there were so many bugs and general inconsistencies within the app. I originally mixed the story with 10 different sounds, but for some reason the download from the website just cut out random parts of audio at random points. I thought it was overlapping bits of audio that created the silence so I deleted 2 of the sounds. After nothing changed I thought to myself it was the fact I had 10 different columns with sounds and there might be a limit to how many columns you can use on the free version. That wasn’t it either so my last resort was to just screen record the page, upload it to YouTube, and download the mp3 of my video from YouTube.

And that is finally what it came down to……………..

4 thoughts on “Hate this sound”

  1. Oh man, yep that’s what it sounds like to be woken up for a dorm fire drill. I hated those. I especially hated when we failed and had to have more fire drills.
    Back when I lived in Randolph hall many years ago, there was one time when we had a fire drill and failed because of my roommate. She FELL ASLEEP in the shower. I knew she was in the bathroom, but I figured she’d come outside once she heard the alarm. Nope. A R.A. came to our room and asked her if she was on drugs. She said, no, I was just really tired. >~<

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