Old man take a look at my life.

In the small town of Buxton Mr. Roberts sat out on his porch staring out into the sound thinking about the lives that passed him by. At the ripe age of 109 Gregor Roberts still makes the trip out every morning to catch for himself. For 68 years Roberts worked for a fishing charter in the small Outer Banks town of Buxton. Every morning at 5 Robert would sail out to the gulf stream which was fulll of mahi mahi, tuna, spotted bass, red drum, you name it he’s caught in. In his retirement he left the ocean side for opposite side of the Island. There he spends his days fishing sound side, simply because that’s all he’s ever known. People would come and go, but his delight for fishing never ran dry. It’s hard being the oldest living person in the town knowing that your friends in life all passed. His grandchildren and great grandchildren all have lives of their own far away from their salty roots. The final consistency that Gregor never misses is the sun rising and setting. Every morning and every evening Gregor peers onto Pamlico sound just to be greeted by the sun. Gregor understands that one day the sun will set for him and because of that he cherishes every coming day as if it were his first


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