Weekly Summaries


Realized that I didn’t post a weekly summary for two weeks, don’t know how I forgot to do that. Even if I did post a weekly summary for those two weeks nothing really changed. This week I’ve been sick out my mind with too much work to go along with it. Halloween was fun, thought a tornado would touch down from all that wind here in Fredericksburg. The video week is fun, but I believe the best product could have come out of me if I had a little more time. Looking back at the assignments I really should have picked one that I can spend more time with for next week. All in all the video week might be my favorite mostly because I used to try to do this at home as a kid on windows movie maker.


This week was a long one for me. I spent most of the hours of daylight inside studying and writing papers. It’s pretty discouraging knowing you entered a building in the daytime and emerged during the night. It’s all worth it I hope hahaha. The assignments this week were sub par from me, I didn’t put in as much effort for the majority of these mostly because of the other real life priorities that I have to put before this class. The radio show should be a fun assignment I should probably start looking for a group today or tomorrow.


I enjoyed this week, audio related projects are where I believe I’m at my most creative point. We only have a week to finish each section of assignments so the work I put out isn’t as refined as I would like. Before this class I would occasionally make little audio type edits and pair them with something, and as I got older I forgot about it. This past week overall and more specifically the weekend might have been top 3 worst weekends of my life, but everything will be fine.


The projects that I completed this week were tasks that I enjoy doing. If I had the software, like photoshop, to make them look more aesthetically pleasing I think the final outcome would look cleaner. I need to be more active within the class with commenting, but sometimes I just can’t get stuck into the posts as much as I should. To solve that I just need to read as many posts as possible. I don’t want to comment on someones post for the sake of a participation grade because I don’t leaving a empty comment on something that might not interest me as much. Maybe I am thinking about it way to much on a personal aspect but that is really my view of it. I really need to update my website, once I figure out the complete ins and outs of wordpress the layout will look somewhat professional.


This week I really only had the majority of my work for this class and I somehow put it off to the end. I think the fact this class doesn’t have a physical meeting place or structured hours makes me think I’m fine for the week. That is definitely not the case and I really need to put more effort into this class. When I really get consumed by it the work is pretty fun, I just need to step up with my time management.


Week two of the school year has passed and I still can’t seem to get into the full swing of it. I know once my other classes produce more work for me, then I can focus. The week two assignments were more enjoyable than I thought they would be, even though I may or may not have picked two of the easier assignments. I realized that the actual process of creating the assignment made it enjoyable which in this class should be the case. The creative aspect of this class allows me to approach the work differently and without that I might not have signed up for this class.


This week for me was all over the place. I was switching out of a few classes just trying to free up a time slot to where I could take a course I needed, which eventually had a spot open up thank god. Besides that I haven’t had too much work to do until I added this class a few days ago. For how long this process should have taken, I ended up spending hours on figuring out everything. Hopefully I didn’t miss any major steps in the process.